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 "Days Like Masquerades"

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PostSubject: "Days Like Masquerades"   Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:04 pm

Sisky and William played a new song at the Barrington High School show the other night. It's called "Days Like Masquerades", and here is a video clip of it, stolen from YouTube. It's not the best audio, but the song sounds pretty promising from what I can hear.

Here are some of the lyrics, from William's blog post a few months ago:

I said, ‘hey you, this is me. The idealist inside that holds your hope on a string, wound and tied like kites to all of your dreams and regrets. What a tangled mess that they’ve turned out to be. Take a breath, and ask yourself what matters.’

Days like masquerades, silent, hiding in the shadows,

stripped of their disguise leave you haunted as you scatter.

But you’re always on my mind.


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"Days Like Masquerades"
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