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 Misheard/Mistaken Lyrics

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PostSubject: Misheard/Mistaken Lyrics   Tue Jul 21, 2009 9:15 pm

Post all of your bad/funny/embarrassing/crazy/etc stories about misheard lyrics here. No matter the band.

This is kinda a bad one to start off with, because I actually know the real lyric, but in Paper Chase (by TAI... duh) I always hear "Papal chase" when he starts the chorus. And then I have this mental image of William Beckett chasing the pope around. Isn't that dumb and kinda hilarious at the same time? (p.s. i know i twittered about that like a month ago, but most people on here weren't my twitter friend yet, so i figured i'd share).
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Misheard/Mistaken Lyrics
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